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What is JBW?

Jewish Business World is an association of Jewish-owned businesses throughout North America, with partners in the New York area, Denver, and Montreal. JBW’s mission is to equip Jewish professionals with the resources and connections to thrive in today’s business world.

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JBW Members

Robert Safren

Executive Director of The Jewish Entrepreneur (TJE)

Robert is the Executive Director of TJE, a free mentoring service for entrepreneurs. He is an electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience in engineering and operations management. Robert has run small business operations within large organizations. Robert has been a mentor both in his business roles, as well for TJE. Robert holds a BSEE from Polytechnic Institute of NY and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Jonathan Ayalon

CEO & Founder of JHIVE Collaborative Workspaces | CEO of Jon Ayalon - Coaching & Consulting | Co-Founder of Conversation One

Entrepreneur, visionary and community enthusiast with a desire to help others move forward and 20+ years of experience in operations, management, human relations and business.


Jon Ayalon has brought his experience and guidance to over 200+ clients over the last 5 years in his coaching and consulting practice and has founded a first of its kind coworking space for Jewish professionals and entrepreneurs with a unique hands on approach via coaching and mentoring services on site. 


Jon has also co-founded a business networking and learning event platform called Conversation One which gathers hundreds of Jewish professionals and entrepreneurs several times per year to help them grow and create new business opportunities.

Morty Silber

CEO, Mad Strategies Inc

A born entrepreneur, at just 26-years-old, Morty founded the clothing design and import firm, Luigi Gordoni International Inc. Within 5 years, he grew its customer base to over 2600 retailers. Flanked by an all-star team, Mordy uses his education and expertise to transform small businesses into big businesses. Mad Strategies gives organizations the secret sauce to build and maintain powerful brands in today’s competitive marketplace.

Gi Orman

BiG Productions, Founder & Creative Director

Award-winning filmmaker Gi Orman, Founder and Creative Director of  BiG Productions, is a transcendent storyteller who captivates audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Over the course of more than 15 years, BiG Productions has produced thousands of films for a wide variety of non-profit, academic/educational, hospital/medical, and corporate clients in the U.S., Israel, Canada, Poland, and worldwide.

Tzivia Cohen

CEO of 14Minds

Tzivia is the founder of 14Minds. After a decade of experience in the industry, she started the company to execute her vision of the way a marketing agency should operate. Clients such as Chai Lifeline, Gourmet Glatt, and Touro College have benefited from her creative vision and expertise. As CEO of 14Minds, Tzivia manages a team of strategists, designers and creatives who work together to craft powerful marketing campaigns.

Shea Rubinstein

CEO, JCC of Marine Park 

And CO founder of Tribeworks & JCON Conferences 


Avi Krakauer



Howard Wedgle

.Founder, Shayna Media

A seasoned sales professional and security consultant, Howard Wedgle founded Shayna Media in 2015 as a resource for families to discover new activities throughout the state of Colorado. Howard is passionate about connecting Jewish professionals to build commerce and grow business together.

Morgan Taylor

Partner, VP of Marketing - The Power Entrepreneur

As the Partner/ VP of Marketing at The Power Entrepreneur, Morgan Taylor and her team create meaningful connections within the business community through education, resources and events. Morgan is also the Founder/ CEO of boutique consultancy Morgan Taylor Marketing, which focuses on enhancing brand awareness for small to medium-sized businesses in the greater New York area. 

Jacob Busani

Co-Founder - The Power Entrepreneur


Josh Goldsmith

Program Director of The Jewish Entrepreneur (TJE)

Josh Goldsmith is the controller at Landmark Companies, a New Jersey-based real estate development and management company. Josh also serves as the program director of The Jewish Entrepreneur and has played a key role in expanding the reach of TJE's programming across North America. 

Jake Rosenberg

Co-Founder / Producer - The Power Entrepreneur

Jake is the producer and co-founder of The Power Entrepreneur, providing education and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs around the world. Jake is also the CMO at Those Marketers, with a decade of experience in the marketing space and an intense passion for helping others.

Rabbi Dovid Gross

Director of Operations, Gesher

Rabbi Gross is the Director of Operations of Gesher. Prior to joining Gesher, Rabbi Gross served as a Founding Fellow at the Kollel of Young Israel of Greater Cleveland.  As the Director of Job Development, Rabbi Gross had partnered with local colleges, organizations and local businesses. Rabbi Gross is an alumnus of Beth Medrash Govoha and a graduate of the Ner Le Elef Outreach and Development Program.

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